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written 21 October 2014


Jeanne Spellman

Success Criteria

1.8.2 Move Viewport to Selection and Focus: When a viewport's selection or input focus changes, the viewport's content moves as necessary to ensure that the new selection or input focus location is at least partially in the visible portion of the viewport. (Level A)


Test Procedure 1

  1. Identify methods of sequential navigation in a long document such as the tab key or rotor. (e.g. by exploring the UI or consulting Help documentation).
  2. Open a test document.
    Sample HTML test document: Enabled Elements
  3. Navigate to the first enabled element field using a sequential navigation technique (e.g. the tab key). Continue to navigate through the fields until you are about to navigate to a field that is outside the current viewport.
  4. Check that the content moves so that part of content that includes the next field is visible. In other words, you can't tab out of the visible area, because the visible content changes so that the current field is always in view.

Expected Results 1

  • Check that #4 is true

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