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written 21 October 2014


Jeanne Spellman

Success Criteria

1.6.2 Speech Pitch and Range: If synthesized speech is produced, the user can specify the following if offered by the speech synthesizer: (Level AA)

  • Pitch (average frequency of the speaking voice)
  • Pitch range (variation in average frequency)

Note: Because the technical implementations of text to speech engines vary (e.g. formant-based synthesis, concatenative synthesis), a specific engine may not support varying pitch or pitch range. A user agent should expose the availability of pitch and pitch range control if the currently selected or installed text to speech engine offers this capability.


Test Procedure 1

  1. Determine if the user agent produces synthesized speech. If not, select Not Applicable.
  2. Identify methods of adjusting features of the synthesized speech. (e.g. by exploring the UI or consulting Help documentation).
  3. Open a test document that contains text.
    Sample HTML test document: Text Customization
  4. Listen to the speech qualities of some of the text.
  5. Adjust these qualities of the speech produced so that you will be able to hear the difference:
    • Pitch
    • Pitch Range
  6. Check that the synthesized speech produced conforms to these new settings.

Expected Results 1

  • Check #6 is true

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