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The Protocols and Formats Working Group is no longer chartered to operate. Its work will continue in two new Working Groups:

  • https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/ Accessible Platform Architectures, to review specifications, develop technical support materials, collaborate with other Working Groups on technology accessibility, and coordinate harmonized accessibility strategies within W3C; and
  • https://www.w3.org/WAI/ARIA/ Accessible Rich Internet Applications, to continue development of the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) suite of technologies and other technical specifications when needed to bridge known gaps.

Resources from the PFWG remain available to support long-term institutional memory, but this information is of historical value only.

This Wiki page was edited by participants of the Protocols and Formats Working Group. It does not necessarily represent consensus and it may have incorrect information or information that is not supported by other Working Group participants, WAI, or W3C. It may also have some very useful information.

CSS/Spec Review

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This is a tracking page for a comprehensive PFWG review of CSS. Most of CSS active development is in Level 3, so that is what applies unless otherwise indicated. The CSS Working Group maintains a CSS Current Work page that lists most of the modules with status and priority. Additional modules were found in the CSS Editors' Drafts repository, but lack accurate information on status and priority. Some modules were listed in the current work page but no draft could be found. Links to drafts in the table below reference the editors' draft when one could be found, otherwise the TR draft.

The set of documents below is arranged in a suggested priority order, which combines document maturity, CSS priority, and a categorization of the nature of the document. Categories used, in priority order, are:

  1. flow: flow control of objects
  2. layout: overall layout control of page
  3. display: general display functions
  4. aural: auditory control
  5. text: direct control of text presentation
  6. effects: altering appearance of (usually graphical) objects
  7. generated: generated content
  8. syntax: lexical rules
  9. model: processing rules
  10. profile: subsets for particular uses
Reviews Spec Next Stage CSS Priority Category Reviewers Notes
Braille and Haptic Braille and Haptic display Dónal Fitzpatrick, Michael Cooper (to collate prior input) requested module from PF
High Contrast and Large Print High Contrast and Large Print display Stefan Schnabel requested module from PF
Paged Media Paged Media CR medium layout Michael Cooper
Basic UI Basic User Interface PR medium display Jon Gunderson, Cynthia Shelly, James Nurthen Adds features relevant to many modules
Fonts Fonts LC medium display Michael Cooper, Wayne Dick?
Marquee Marquee PR medium display Jon Gunderson
Color Color REC complete display Although this is complete, PFWG had issues that may have never been addressed. Should review for future requirements.
Speech Speech CR medium aural Andi Snow-Weaver
Aural Aural Style Sheets FPWD low aural
Basic Box Basic Box Model WD medium flow URI is same as extended box
Extended Box Extended Box Model FPWD low flow URI is same as basic box
Line Line Layout WD low flow Wayne Dick?
Tables Tables FPWD low flow Assuming this is the editors document "CSS 3 Tables Algorithms"
Positioning Positioning FPWD low flow
Multi-Column Layout Multi-column Layout PR high layout Michael Cooper, Alex Qiang Chen
Template Layout Template Layout WD medium layout Michael Cooper, James Nurthen, Alex Qiang Chen
Grid Positioning Grid Positioning WD medium layout Michael Cooper, James Nurthen
Grid Layout Grid Layout WD medium layout Michael Cooper, James Nurthen
Line Grid Line Grid FPWD medium layout? Michael Cooper
Regions Regions WD medium layout Michael Cooper
Flexible Box Flexible Box Layout WD medium layout Michael Cooper, Cynthia Shelly
Text Text WD medium text Wayne Dick?
Writing Modes Writing Modes WD medium text
Ruby Ruby WD medium text
2D Transformations 2D Transformations WD medium effects
3D Transformations 3D Transformations WD medium effects
Transitions Transitions WD medium effects
Animations Animations WD medium effects
Generated Generated and Replaced Content WD low generated John Foliot, Michael Cooper?
Generated Content Paged Generated Content for Paged Media WD medium generated John Foliot, Michael Cooper?
Lists Lists WD low display
Hyperlink Hyperlink Presentation WD low display Alex Qiang Chen
Presentation Levels Presentation Levels WD low display
Color Correction Color Correction FPWD? unknown display
Device Adaptation Device Adaptation FPWD? unknown display
Backgrounds and Borders Backgrounds and Borders PR high display Tim Boland already sent feedback
Backgrounds and Borders Backgrounds and Borders Level 4 FPWD? unknown display Tim Boland, James Nurthen
Style Attribute style Attribute Syntax PR medium syntax
Media Queries Media Queries PR high syntax Stefan Schnabel
Values and Units Values and Units WD medium syntax
Image Values Image Values  WD medium syntax Stefan Schnabel, James Nurthen
Syntax Syntax WD low syntax
Behavioral Extensions Behavioral Extensions to CSS WD low syntax
Cascading and Inheritance Cascading and Inheritance WD medium model
CSSOM View CSSOM View WD low model
CSSOM Object Model WD low model
Print Profile Print Profile CR medium profile
Mobile Profile Mobile Profile 2.0 PR medium profile Peter Korn?
TV Profile TV Profile 1.0 PR low profile Peter Korn?
Image Values Image Values and Replaced Content Level 4 FPWD? unknown syntax Stefan Schnabel, James Nurthen
Selectors Selectors Level 4 FPWD? unknown syntax
Conditional Conditional Rules FPWD? unknown syntax
Selectors Selectors Level 3 REC complete syntax
Namespaces Namespaces REC high syntax
Reader Reader Media Type abandoned? low syntax
Cascading Cascading and Inheritance WD? unknown model
Introduction Introduction WD low
Scoping Scoping FPWD medium
Math Math FPWD low Dónal Fitzpatrick
2010 CSS Snapshot 2010 REC complete
2007 CSS Snapshot 2007 REC complete
CSS 2 CSS Level 2 Revision 1 REC complete
CSS 1 CSS Level 1 REC complete