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Datepickers/Use cases

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Single dates

date of birth

  • This is a common identification requirement

About now

  • A user makes a table reservation on a restaurant website, and is asked to indicate a preferred date for the booking.
  • A user is given the option to choose a specific delivery date, whilst completing the checkout process on a retail website.


  • Credit card expiry dates are month/year only.
  • A birthday calendar uses day and month, but it is not necessary to add a year (which may not be available anyway)
  • Financial reporting periods - typically quarter/half year, or years offset from calendar dates.


Various events are important dates for planning purposes. Although they are well-known references, they do not occur on cyclical Gregorian dates.

Religious events
Easter, Ramadan, Passover, …
Administrative holidays
Chinese New Year, School term/exams/holidays, substitute holidays (e.g. where a Public Holiday is offered on a working day rather than being on the date of a specific event),

Date ranges

  • A user submits a request for annual vacation time using a resourcing application on the company intranet.
  • A user wishes to add a multi-day event to their personal calendar.
  • A user specifies possible travel dates and times for each leg of a flight.

Non-contiguous dates

  • A user searches for flight availability over a two week period, but wishes to exclude flights over the weekend.
  • A user is asked to indicate which days (within a given period of time) they could attend a meeting.