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Comment Source Notes Follow-up (Bugs/Email) status
2013-05-26 Silvia Pheiffer Sylvia: "In which case it shouldn't be a talking about "..that is easily repaired by user agents", but say something more appropriate towards content creation and management software, should it?" Chaals 2013-05-27,
Sylvia 2013-05-28
open, text Sylvia has issue with is still in spec
2013-06-17 Michelle McManus no change request Chaals Replied 2013-06-20 closed
2013-06-19 Marta Pawlowska Chaals Replied 2013-06-20 open
2013-06-20 Klaas V no change request open
2013-06-21 Peter Gruzca Request to change requirements of discoverability from should to must Chaals Replied 2013-06-21 open