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Canvas Sub-Group Meeting Details

NOTE: The next scheduled Canvas Sub-Group meeting is 2014-01-06.

Teleconferences for the Canvas Sub-Group of the HTML Accessibility Task Force are held Mondays at 2300h UTC. (You can find the local time for the meeting using the Fixed Time Clock.) Calls are held on the Zakim phone bridge: +1.617.761.6200, + or +44.117.370.6152. Once connected to Zakim, you will be prompted for the passcode for the teleconference you wish to join; the passcode for the Canvas Sub-Group is 2119#.

During Canvas Sub-Group calls, you can use your telephone's keypad to perform some basic functions:

  1. to mute yourself, enter 61#; to unmute, enter 60#
  2. place yourself in the speaker queue, enter 41#; to withdraw from the speaker queue, enter 40#

The Canvas Sub-Group meets concurrently in a chat room, on channel #html-a11y on irc://, port 6665. Note: if you are behind a firewall and cannot use a dedicated IRC client, you can use the W3C's IRC web interface. A list of accessible IRC clients can be found on the XTech wiki's Accessible Collaborative Tools page.

For more information about Zakim, RRSAgent and IRC commands and user interaction during phone calls, please consult the resources listed immediately below, or consult the Scribe's & Participant's Cheat Sheet.

W3C IRC, Bot & Scribing Guides

Minutes from Canvas Accessibility Sub-Group Meetings