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IRC Sessions to Real Readable Notes


Step 1: Invite trackbot, Zakim and RRSAgent

  • trackbot, start telcon
  • /invite Zakim #svgig
  • /invite rrsagent #svgig

Step 2: Set Meeting Info

  • rrsagent, set logs world-visible (for groups with open proceedings)
    • rrsagent, set logs member-visible (for member-confidential minutes)
  • scribe: ZakimName
  • ScribeNick: IRC_screen-name
  • meeting: SVG IG Bi-Weekly Teleconference
  • chair: Real_Name
  • agenda: URI
  • Previous: URI (provides pointer to last minutes)
  • present: <names separated by commas>
  • regrets: <names separated by commas>
  • rrsagent, pointer? (gives location of IRC log)
  • zakim, save agenda (after agenda entered)
  • zakim, Wrong_Name is Correct_Name


  • trackbot, status? (shows the users trackbot knows about)
  • ACTION: TrackbotName ActionText - DueDate
  • RESOLVED: [info]
  • RESOLUTION: [info]
  • zakim, Gregory_Rosmiata is Gregory_Rosmaita
  • zakim, mute me
  • zakim, unmute me
  • correction syntax: s/rosmiata/rosmaita
    • note: correction syntax for the IRC tracker is a sub-set of sed
  • q+ (puts you in the speaker queue)
  • q- (remove yourself from the speaker queue)
  • q+ to ask ...
  • q+ to say ...
  • present+ Real_Name (to add late arrivals)
  • present- PhoneCode (to remove coded IDs)
  • regrets+ Real_Name for last minute regrets
  • rrsagent, pointer? (gives location of IRC log)
  • zakim, choose a victim (randomly assigns a task to a participant)
  • Switching Scribes:
    • ScribeNick: IRC_nick
    • after-the-fact: i/Text_Where_Scribe_Changed/ScribeNick: IRC_name
  • rrsagent, drop action # (to drop a malformed action)
  • close ISSUE-# (how to close an issue from IRC)
  • close ACTION-# (how to close an action item from IRC)
  • trackbot, status? (shows the users trackbot knows about)


  • Turn RRSAgent Logging Off
    • use the following command to turn RRSAgent's logging function off, so that any bot instructions or side chatter that follows the meeting's adjournment are not included in the meeting's log:
      • rrsagent, stop log
  • Creating Minutes:
    • rrsagent, create minutes
    • note: the following 5 commands are synonyms:
      • rrsagent, draft minutes
      • rrsagent, format minutes
      • rrsagent, generate minutes
      • rrsagent, make minutes
      • rrsagent, publish minutes


1) zakim, please part (this will result in the output of attendees)

NOTE: non-staff members who are acting as scribe MUST effect any changes or corrections BEFORE dismissing RRSAgent; staff can edit slash manipulate minutes by appending a comma and the word tools to the URI for the minutes - for example:,tools

NOTE: the naming syntax for the automatically generated documents is:[IRC_Channel]-minutes.html[IRC_Channel]-irc

2) after dismissing zakim, issue an "RRSAgent, draft minutes" command to ensure that the attendees list is correctly populated -- use the plus (+) and minus (-) syntax to add or delete attendees, regrets, etc. -- remember that you MUST issue an "RRSAgent, draft minutes" command in order for the bot to execute your instructions -- every time you do so, be sure to REFRESH the document in the browser instance in which you are reviewing the draft minutes

3) VERY LAST STEP: rrsagent, please part (logs actions and resolutions)

4) email HTML and IRC log pointers to (including a text dump of the minutes is optional, although appreciated by many)