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Bugs/Escalating a Bug to an Issue

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According to the HTML Working Group Decision Policy, bugs that are not satisfactory resolved can be escalated to the HTML WG Issue Tracker. Tracker Issues "record that an editor's resolution was not satisfactory, and so the full Working Group must address the issue."

Recourse For a Dissatisfied Bug Reporter

If a bug reporter is dissatisfied with the bug resolution and does not believe it is productive to ask the editor to reconsider, he or she may ask to escalate the issue to the issue tracker. Don't reopen the bug. Leave it at WONTFIX or INVALID, etc and then:

1. Raise a HTML Working Group Tracker Issue

A dissatisfied bug reporter:

  • With Tracker access can raise a Tracker Issue directly.
  • Without Tracker access should:
    1. Add the keyword "TrackerRequest" to the bug.
    2. Suggest an issue title.
    3. Suggest an issue description.
    4. As previously explained in the process to submit HTML accessibility Bugzilla bugs, if it is an accessibility bug make sure you have:
      1. Added the Keyword "a11y" .
      2. Added the address "" to the cc field.

2. Write a Change Proposal

If you want to have an issue addressed after escalation, you should expect that you will have to write a Change Proposal, or convince someone else to do so.