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Access/element versus module

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The Access Element versus The XHTML Access Module

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The Access Element defines an element that, when used in conjunction with XML and HTML derived markup languages, enables a more robust accessibility model than is presently possible. The Access Element also provides a means of designating a navigational flow for document formats, such as SVG, which lack an inherent navigational document order.

Why Use The XHTML Access Module As the Basis for accesskey Replacement

Although this document is a first editor's draft, it is based on the Last Call Working Draft of the XHTML Access Module, produced by the XHTML 2 Working Group. The XHTML Access Module has been used as the basis of this document, as the XHTML Access Module reflects a consensus among the members of the XHTML2 Working Group, in conjunction with extensive input from the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group and others in the accessibility and standards community.