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Where is WCAG

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I'm looking to create a map of the global locations of WCAG participants to help plan F2F meeting locations. Please add your name and location to the list. It is not important to have a precise location. Your city or even nearby city is sufficient. For example, I (Andrew) live in Concord, MA but I could easily put "Boston, MA" since that is my nearest airport. We aren't trying to determine the precise geo-location of anyone, just get a visualization of how we are distributed around the globe.

Please enter your name followed by a colon and then your location followed by a colon, and whether you are able/willing to travel for a face-to-face Working Group meeting, as shown below. Make sure to leave an extra space between entries please.

Here's the map created from this data: WCAG members displayed in Google Maps

Andrew Kirkpatrick: Concord, MA: Yes

Michael Cooper: Ottawa, Ontario: Yes

Laura Carlson: Duluth, MN: Willing but likely unable to attend in person. May be able to attend virtually.

Alastair Campbell: Bristol, UK: Willing but have to make business case etc.

Shawn Lauriat: New York, NY: Willing but have to make business case etc.

James Nurthen: Bay Area, CA: Willing but budgets have already been set so unlikely.

David MacDonald: Ottawa Canada: Willing ... would have to consider budget issues. A one person consultancy.

Jan McSorley: Austin, TX: Willing

John Foliot: Austin, TX: Yes

Thaddeus Cambron: Bay Area, CA: Yes

Glenda Sims: Austin, TX: Yes

Katie Haritos-Shea: Oakton, Virginia, USA: Yes

Marla Runyan: Boston, MA: Yes

Srinivasu Chakravarthula, Bangalore, India, Willing... but unlikely that I could attend in person due to budget issues; but sure to join virtually.

Lisa Seeman, Bet Shemesh Israel, Willing ... if I can find funding to get there.

Detlev Fischer: Hamburg, Germany: Unlikley if location is not in Europe

Mike Elledge: Detroit, MI: Yes

Bruce Bailey: Washington, DC: willing, but available funding is uncertain

Wilco Fiers: Utrecht, Netherlands: ?

Neil Milliken: LHR: Willing

Jonathan Avila: Northern, Virginia: depends on location and duration

Jeanne Spellman: Boston, MA. willing, but dependent on funding.

Sarah Horton: Northampton, MA. Will join virtually as possible.

Makoto Ueki: Tokyo, Japan: Willing, but will have budget issues.