WCAG 2.1 CR Exit Criteria

  1. At least 5 conforming Web sites[1] are available, of which:
    • At least four conform at level AA
    • At least one conforms at level AAA;
    • At least one conforming site relies on one platform (Operating system, user agent, assistive technology) with touch screen and small screen support.
  2. At least two implementations [2] exist for each success criterion added in WCAG 2.1 (Success Criteria from WCAG 2.0 do not need new implementations);
  3. Accessibility support documentation [3] is provided such that:
    1. Evidence of successful implementation is available for SC added to WCAG 2.1.
    2. Documentation is provided for at least four platforms (operating system/user agent/assistive technology combinations).
  4. All sufficient techniques listed in Understanding WCAG 2.1 at the end of the Candidate Recommendation period contain test procedures;
  5. The Working Group has responded formally to all issues raised against this document related to any implementation efforts during the Candidate Recommendation period.

[1] https://www.w3.org/TR/2008/CR-WCAG20-20080430/#statusnote1 [2] https://www.w3.org/TR/2008/CR-WCAG20-20080430/#statusnote2 [3] https://www.w3.org/TR/2008/CR-WCAG20-20080430/#statusnote3

[1] The conforming Web sites should be distinct and independently developed, represent diverse types of content including Content Management System (CMS)-generated content, utilize diverse Web technologies including W3C and non-W3C technologies, and have a varied representation of primary languages and scripts. Web applications can be single Web pages; otherwise conformance claims for Web sites should contain a minimum of 5 Web pages. Some success criteria may be satisfied in the conforming Web sites by the absence of applicable content on the Web pages, but Web sites should exhibit positive implementations of a significant number of success criteria at the corresponding level of conformance.

[2] The implementations of success criteria need not be within the conforming Web sites. Note that these implementations must contain content of the type addressed by the individual success criterion, that is, they cannot satisfy the success criteria purely by the absence of applicable content on the Web pages.

[3] In the absence of documentation of accessibility-supported technologies, conforming sites may show evidence by testing with assistive technologies.