Using aria-label for 1.1.1



  • 1 Nov 2012: Ready for TF review
  • 2 May 2013: Needs revision from survey comments; lower priority so moving to "later" list

User Agent and Assistive Technology Support Notes [To be published separately]

  • Jaws 13 and higher supports this technique
  • NVDA 2012.2 and higher supports this technique


This technique applies to HTML with ARIA.

This technique relates to Success Criterion (SC) 1.1.1. (Non text content):


The purpose of this technique is to provide a short description for an element that can be read by Assistive Technologies (AT). The aria-label attribute makes it possible to provide a short text description. When an AT (such as a screen reader) encounters the element, the aria-label text is read automatically.


Example 1

This example shows how to use the aria-label attribute to provide a short text description for an image. Note: The alt attribute must also be included in conforming documents.

<img src="bicycle.gif" alt="A shiny red bicycle" aria-label="A shiny red bicycle">




  1. Examine each element where the aria-label attribute is present.
  2. Determine that the text description accurately labels the element, provides a description of its purpose, or provides equivalent information.

Expected results

Test 2 is true.