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Understanding 2.4.1

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Addition to INTENT of SC 2.4.1 in Understanding WCAG

We suggest to WCAG WG that the INTENT section of Understanding WCAG 2.0 for 2.4.1 be modified to add the following paragraphs. You can see how this text reads with the current INTENT text.

Although the success criterion does not specifically use the term “within a set of web pages”, the concept of the pages belonging to a set is implied. An author would not be expected to avoid any possible duplication of content in any two pages that are not in some way related to each other; that are not "Web pages that share a common purpose and that are created by the same author, group or organization” (the definition of set of web pages).

Note: Even for web pages that are not in a set, if a web page has blocks of text that are repeated within the page it may be helpful (but not required) to provide a means to skip over them.