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Current Work

To Do

  • Ensure we are capturing all of the ways to create headings, lists, tables
  • Determine whether we need to address pagination (e.g. nroff / troff output for man pages)
  • Do we need to include a variant of T4 table formatting for 1.3.2 (columnar output from things like 'ls')?
  • Do we need a few Bypass Blocks techniques, covering things like PgDn and searching to skip over repeated headers within a set of man pages?
  • Do we need to develop a technique for 3.1.1 language of page? (presumption of same as OS?)
  • Do we need techniques for label relationships (e.g. IBM 3270 terminal apps?)
  • Do we need techniques that speak to 4.1.2 Name, Role, Value?

Also see Category:Text Techniques.