Persona Quotes for 2.1 Understanding Documents


This purpose of this page is to get agreement on Persona Quotes for 2.1 Understanding Documents.

Purpose, Parameters, Format, Examples

Purpose of persona quotes:

  • Help readers quickly understand the main point of the SC (since the SC text is necessarily not clear in many cases).
  • Humanize the issue.
  • Provide a user's point of view.
  • Briefly describe the main point(s) — but not try to cover all cases.


  • Keep it short; however, include enough to make it clear and compelling. Try for about 150 characters — ok to go over if needed. No more than 280.
  • Limit things like “frustrating”, “annoying” to only where it’s not obvious. (like reflow, not like cause seizures)
  • Usually one "problem" and one "works well". Can include more if important to cover additional points.
  • Include link to person/people in when a relevant one exists.
    • Where there is not a good match persona:
      • Inform EOWG
      • Use "Person with [disability]" — do not include a name so that EOWG can do it thoughtfully.

(Format and Examples have changed...)


Quotes are now being worked on via GitHub: What's new in WCAG 2.1