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WCAG future proposal

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As a result of discussion on possible models for WCAG moving forward (see and the analysis of the collected information ( the chairs propose the following.

The largest volume of positive comments focused on Option 2.2, with a smaller cluster on Option 3.1. In the view of the chairs the difference between these options is insignificant in most ways to start and when considered in the context of a 3-year charter the differences are further diminished.

Important aspects of this proposal include:

  • Normative work for WCAG will not branch in a way that results in separate requirements documents for different task force work.
  • Task force work will have a pathway to publication of best practices in the near-term
  • WCAG can be updated with new advice from the task forces in a clear way that leverages existing WCAG brand recognition.

Proposal outline:

  1. Recharter for a WCAG 2.1 targeting 2 years out as the publication date for the recommendation.
    1. New SC’s from TFs need to be completed from TF’s in 9-12 months
    2. Assembling 2.1 and public reviews will take another year
    3. Any SC’s that are not introduced in time or that cannot be approved in time will wait for the next release
  2. Task forces can publish non-normative notes with user needs and best practices before WCAG 2.1
  3. The WCAG working group will be working synchronously on major WCAG next planning, incorporating WCAG, UAAG, ATAG thinking
  4. After WCAG 2.1 we will need to recharter (3 year timing)
  5. Depending on progress of the major release work and what was not ready to get into WCAG 2.1 we may shoot for the major release as the next recommendation or we may have a 2.2 as well as continuing work on the major release.