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Thank you for submitting this technique. The working group has reviewed it and has the following feedback:

  1. We do not feel this is a sufficient technique for SC 2.4.2. In the absence of the <title> element, this would not satisfy the success criterion. So at most it would be an advisory technique for SC 2.4.2. It might also be considered an advisory technique for SC 2.4.10.
  2. This technique itself contains no content, only references to other resources on the web. The details of the technique need to be included inline, so that the technique stands on its own. Links to other resources can supplement the technique but cannot define it.
  3. We feel that many of the recommendations in the referenced sources are over-restrictive. Whether we would include them in a WCAG advisory technique would depend on exactly how the requirements of the technique were defined.

If you would like to revise the technique to address these issues, we would be happy to reconsider it.