This is a list of jargon terms that are used in the Working Group, to facilitate understanding and interpretation.

WCAGwuh-cag or Wi-cagAcronym for "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines"
SCS CAcronym for "Success Criterion" or "Success Criteria"
ATAGay-tagAcronym for "Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines"
UAAGyou-aagAcronym for "User Agent Accessibility Guidelines"
SilverCode name for WCAG 3.0 project
WCAG 3.0Acronym for "W3C Accessibility Guidelines 3.0"
ACTA C TAcronym for "Accessibility Conformance Testing"
EARLearlAcronym for "Evaluation and Report Language"
COGAcoge ahAbbreviation for "Cognitive and Learning Disabilities"
ARIAariaAcronym for "Accessible Rich Internet Applications"
FASTfastAcronym for "Framework for Accessible Specification of Techologies"
RQTFR Q T FAcronym for "Research Questions Task Force"
AAPIA A P IAcronym for "Accessibility Application Programming Interface"
AAMamAcronym for "Accessibility API Mappings"
PRP RAcronym for "pull request" (see Github pull request documentation)
CfCC F CCall for Consensus