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Inaccessible component on a page that has an accessible alternative for just the component

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Discussion about alternative "Components"

What do we think about an inaccessible component on the page which has a fallback on the page or linked from the page. Perhaps a date picker with lots of eye candy, but not accessible, and there is an less attractive on next to it or in a link after it. Do we want to allow that? would we say it is allowed currently in WCAG. I would cautiously say yes, it is allowed currently. For instance, a date picker with a text input to put in the date.

I think if we want to allow this in 2.1 we need to ensure its discoverability, and also help the user with a disability not waste time figuring out the non-conforming version doesn't work. I propose we requiire

  • the inaccessible component be marked as such
  • that the alternative or a link to it be next in the programmatic and visual reading order, (or it be a child of the inaccessible component in the accessibility tree)