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Examples of Real-time event - action item

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Examples of things that are NOT real-time exceptions

The following are examples of things that may have time limits but are NOT real-time events, and are therefore covered by this success criterion (i.e. they are not exceptions):

  1. a single-player educational game that is not linked to any events that are happening in the real world or real time (wall clock time), independent of the game.
  2. a virtual world with no other human controlled actors, nor any ties to events that are happening in the real world or real time (wall clock time), independent of the virtual world.
  3. An online interactive simulation of a personnel management event with the intent to teach users how to react in specific ways within specific time frames would not be tied to a "real-time event" simply because it was timed, since if it was started later the end would be later. The end would not be tied to any particular real time (wall clock time). And giving the user the ability to slow it down may be important to their ability to use it. (See example 3 of Examples of real-time events below)


  • If timing is essential to the task, such as a quiz that must be completed in 5 minutes, it would not be an exception for being a real-time event - but it would be an exception under the 'essential' exception if the time limit was essential to the scoring. (The goal however should be to redesign the task to not require the time limit.)

Examples of real-time events

  1. If actions in the task must occur in concert with any real world events, such as simultaneous action between two or more people, then it would be a real-time event.
  2. If there is a specific requirement that all users must complete the activity by a certain date or date+time-of-day then the activity would be tied to a real world event (that date/time) and it would be a real-time event.
  3. If the simulation described in #3 above was given after a lecture and had to be completed by noon then it would, in that instance, become tied to a realtime event. So in general #3 would not be tied to real-time but could become tied to a real-time event in application.

And there can be combinations

  • If there is both a timed requirement (e.g. must be done in 15 minutes) and a date/time requirement (e.g. and must be done by Sept 30 5 PM EST) then the timed requirement is not real-time but the date/time requirement is.