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Edits Needed

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This page tracks edits need to the WCAG documents. Primarily for editorial edits, it may also reference substantive edits with WG approval.

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Location Edit Status


Location Edit Status
ensure-compat-parses Incorrect sentence done
text-equiv-all Typo in Sufficient Techniques for 1.1.1 - Non-text Content - Situation D done
time-limits-pause three second exception in second bullet done
consistent-behavior-consistent-functionality Missing textual reference to Sufficient Technique H2 done
various WCAG2ICT-TF tweaks from 14 June 2012 minutes and 21 June 2012 minutes and 28 June 2012 minutes and 5 July 2012 minutes and 12 July 2012 minutes and 19 July 2012 minutes done
minimize-error-reversible Text of link to Technique G164 is messed up Note: side effect of diff markup? done
minimize-error-reversible User controllable done
minimize-error-identified additions to Understanding SC 3.3.1 done
purpose and doc/app names request from WCAG2ICT Purpose and doc/app names done
ARIA3 Remove until edits made


Location Edit Status
Abstract Bad link for Understanding Accessibility Support, also reported here fixed
Table of Contents Wrong labels in Table of Contents fixed by a previous generator fix
PDF Tech Notes Incorrect sentence in Generating PDF Files done
G10 Using 'an' and not 'and' and punctuation fixed
G15 Remove 'that' fixed
G17 Needs an extra space fixed
G57 Incorrect use of 'a' fixed
G58 Missing periods done
G68 Lower case words in the beginning done
G197 their versus there done
F24 users, not authors fixed
H89 Lable fixed
G84 "needs to described" should be "needs to be described" done
G97 Give a space between the words 'after' and 'following.' Note: this seems to be another side effect of diff markup fixed in previous generator fix
Flash techniques, technology note All instances of "aDesigner2" should be replaced with "ACTF aDesigner 1.0" done
PDF Tech Notes Factual updates to "PDF Technology Notes" I would like an Adobe person to review these changes before treating them as editorial; not done yet