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Decisions on this page are recorded as indicted in the WCAG Decision Policy.


25th August

8 August

2nd August

21 July

3 May

30 March

19 Jan

12 Jan


26 October

30th August

With one (not formal) objection:

The criterion Focus Appearance was agreed to be "at risk" based on concerns about the complexity.

12th August

  • Not agreed CFC to Move WCAG 2.2 to Candidate Recommendation

5th August

22nd July

18th July

15th July

7th July

22nd Jun

21st Jun

10th Jun

9th Jun

1st Jun

23 March

16th Feb

10th Jan


15 October

17 September

3 September

3 August

5th June

19th May

26th April

19th April

14th April

9th April

6th April

30th March

23rd March

15th March

19 February

3 February

16 January

5 January


26 October

26 October

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August 3rd

July 20th

July 7th

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June 17th

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March 23rd

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January 23rd:

January 2nd:


July 30th:

Jul 19, 2019:

May 10th:

March 28th:

March 5th:

February 21st:


Dec 11th

December 6th:

November 13th:

September 28th:

April 17th:

April 16th:

April 5:

March 19:

February 22:

February 5:

January 23:

January 19:

January 17:

January 12:

January 11:

January 8: Agreement to accept responses to issues 601, 609, 617, and 618 -

January 4: Agreement on the following:

January 3:


December 20: Agreement on the following CFC's:

December 5: Agreement to add the following changed SC to the editor's draft:

Agreement to include the following SC in the editor's draft unchanged from the previous draft due to no consensus on new language:

November 30:

November 29:

November 27:

November 18:

November 17:

November 15:

November 13:

November 2:

October 31:

October 24:

October 20:

October 9:

October 6:

September 5:

August 31:

August 24:

August 22:

August 18:

August 15:

August 9:

July 21:

June 26:
Agreement to add Accessible Name SC to Editor's Draft (

June 23:
Agreement to add User Interface components SC to Editor's Draft (
Agreement to add Accessible Authentication SC to Editor's Draft (
Agreement to add Zoom Content SC to Editor's Draft (

June 13:
Agreement to add Orientation SC to Editor's Draft (

June 9:
Agreement to add Character Key Shortcuts SC to Editor's Draft (
Agreement to modify approval process for Understanding documents (

June 6:
Agreement to add Change of Content to Editor's Draft (

May 25:
Agreement to add Target Size and Target Size (no exception) to Editor's Draft (
Agreement to develop document for supplementary guidance for WCAG 2.1 (

May 23:
Add color to list of sensory characteristics in 1.3.3 and 1.4.1 as WCAG 2.0 errata (

April 19:
Agreement to publish publish two First Public Working Draft (FPWD) documents - COGA Issue Papers & COGA Gap Analysis & Road Map - from the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force (COGA) (

April 14:
Agreement to accept the candidate SCs 'Accidental Activation' into the editor's draft. (

April 2:
Agreement on changes to Editor's draft require CFCs (
Agreement on standing consent to publish working drafts of WCAG 2.1 on a monthly schedule (
Agreement on Publication of FPWD for Accessibility Conformance Testing Rules Format 1.0 (

Feb 23:
Agreement on CFC to publish First Public Working Draft of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 (

February 16:
Agreement on not requiring user testing to meet Success Criteria in WCAG 2.1 (

February 14:
Working group decision to accept two candidate SCs into the editor's draft.

( AGWG Minutes )


Dec 5th:
Agreement on CFC to add add an example to the definition for "Set of web pages" (

November 3:
Agreement on issue 244 (

Agreement on issue 245 (

Agreement on Silver Work Statement (

October 27:
Agreement on issue 199 (

Agreement on issue 200 (

Agreement on Silver Process (

October 13:
Agreement on CfC for new charter ( There was an outstanding objection to an aspect of the charter (

August 16:
Agreement on issue 216 (

Agreement on issue 215 (

Agreement on issue 209 (

Agreement on issue 220 (

August 11:
Agreement to approve creation of Accessibility Conformance Testing Task Force (

Agreement on checklist for proposals for new Success Criteria. (

Agreement on Success Criteria Requirements (

July 12:
Silver Sub Group created:

June 28:
Working group agrees to publish updated Understanding and Techniques docs: Understanding: Techniques:

June 21:
Agreement to publish the COGA Gap Analysis and User research/Issue papers as a FPWD (

June 14:
Agreement on Issue 182. (
Agreement on Issue 189. (
Agreement on Issue 193. (

June 8: Agreement on issue 158 and pull request 174 (

May 27:
Agreement on Issue 186. (
Agreement on adding px note to Understanding Documents. (

May 17: Agreement on "Large text" - using px rather than pt as unit #181 to work on this in Understanding document and flag for 2.1. (

May 10: Agreement to publish edited version of WCAG 2.0 to incorporate editorial errata only. (

April 25: Agreement regarding errata addition to SC 1.4.6 (matching earlier errata on 1.4.3). (

April 14:
Agreement regarding clarification of contrast requirements for link and button states (
Agreement regarding the applicability of SC 2.4.4 to button elements (

April 8: Agreement regarding landmarks not being required (

March 4: Agreement to not drop advisory technique H46 (

February 29: Agreement to publish latest version of Techniques and Understanding documents (

February 8: Agreement on response to comment on GitHub (

February 5: Agreement on a change to introductory paragraphs in extension requirements document (

January 7: Agreement to publish Techs and Understanding for public review (


December 18: Agreed to response to GitHub issue 113 regarding use of role="search" on form element (

December 15: Agreed to response to GitHub issue 122 (

December 15: Agreed to publication of minor change to Image Tutorial (

December 9: Resolution on Issue 102 (

December 7: Agreed to release a FPWD of the WCAG Extensions Requirements document (

November 16: Agreed to release the Public Draft version of the How to Meet WCAG resource (