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Conduct expectations

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The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group is part of the W3C and we refer heavily to the:

Also, our general working process derives from the W3C process document, and our own specific decision policy.

For our meetings and asynchronous communications (email etc.) a we expect participants to:

  • Assume positive intentions from others.
  • Treat others with the respect you expect to be treated with.
  • Take an inquiry stance.
  • Ground statements in evidence.
  • Hear all voices.

This is a constantly evolving process, the Chairs and W3C staff contact (all available on will regularly review the current behaviour & expectations and are always open to new ideas.

If you have an issue with someone’s behaviour please raise it. There are a few potential people you could raise it to depending on your situation and your safety. If possible, start with the Chairs (email above). If that is not appropriate, then the staff contact is Michael Cooper ( As a point of contact separate from the group you may also contact a W3C ombud who will assist you:


Auto-captions: We use Zoom software for meetings which provides automated captions. We intend to use these as a cognitive aid only, so participants can catchup on things that have recently been discussed. These are not recorded and do not replace the minutes we keep for each meeting. As a user you can download the captions, however, please do not share these outside the group. As the CEPC states:

"Respect confidentiality and privacy. Sometimes, matters we discuss may fall under various confidentiality agreements and strict adherence to these agreements is expected. In addition, certain pieces of information disclosed in a group setting may be private in nature, or we may inadvertently learn confidential information accidentally disclosed by other participants."