Accepted WCAG 2.1 SC


This page includes links to all of the accepted SC, and a table of information to help the WG understand what work is needed for each:

Current Editor's Draft (Rendered as HTML):

Proposed Techniques for Accepted SC

SC Name Level Understanding Content People working on this (use GitHub user name if possible) Last Update
Identify Input Purpose (public) (member) AA Edit View @chriscm2006 @jake-abma 2017-10-18
Identify Purpose (public) (member) AAA Edit View @chriscm2006 2017-10-18
Reflow (public) (member) Comments Summary AA Edit View @allanj-uaag 2017-11-7
Non-Text Contrast (public) (member) AA Edit View @alastc @goodwitch 2018-02-01
Text Spacing (public) (member) AA Edit View @lauracarlson @allanj-uaag 2018-04-24
Content on Hover or Focus (public) (member) AA Edit View @steverep 2017-11-5
Timeouts (public) (member) AA Edit View @alexswli 2017-10-18
Animation from Interactions (public) (member) AAA Edit View @alastc @melledge -
Character Key Shortcuts (public) (member) A Edit View @KimPatch 2017-10-19
Label in Name (public) (member) A Edit View @KimPatch 2017-10-19
Guideline 2.5 Pointer Accessible - Edit View @detlevhfischer -
Target Size (public) (member) AAA Edit View @kwahlbin 2017-10-19-
Pointer Gestures (public) (member) A Edit View @detlevhfischer 2017-10-19-
Pointer Cancellation (formerly Accidental Activation) (public) (member) A Edit View @DavidMacDonald @steverep 2017-10-19-authen
Concurrent Input Mechanisms (public) (member) AA Edit View @patrickhlauke 2017-10-19-
Guideline 2.6 Additional Sensor Inputs - Edit View @detlevhfischer -
Orientation (public) (member) AA Edit View @marcjohlic 2017-10-05
Motion Actuation (public) (member) AA Edit View @melaniephilipp 2017-10-19-
Status Messages (public) (member) AA Edit View @DavidMacDonald @gowerm 2017-12-06-
Conformance - Full Pages (public) (member) - Edit View @DavidMacDonald -
Conformance - Optional Components of a Conformance Claim (public) (member) - Edit View @DavidMacDonald -