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See also: Meeting Minutes and Scribe Rotation List

We use IRC to scribe teleconference meetings - see WebEx and IRC Setup for more information. The following are small reminders to help you get underway:

  • Before the meeting:
    • Check if you are near the top of the Scribe Rotation List
    • Be prepared to scribe or let the chairs know if you won't be able to scribe a call
    • Join a few minutes earlier to make sure the meeting and bots are properly set up
  • At the beginning of the meeting:
    • Type trackbot, start meeting to get the meeting started
    • Make sure trackbot, zakim, and RRSagent are in the IRC channel
    • Type scribe: <your name> to log yourself as the scribe
    • Type chair: <name of meeting chair> to record the chair
    • Type agenda+ <agenda item title> for each agenda item (this may done by the meeting chair)
  • During the meeting:
    • Every participant must add themselves to the minutes using present +
    • You or the meeting chair need to take up agenda items by using any of:
      • Typing zakim, take up next to take up the next agenda item previously entered
      • Typing zakim, take up agenda item X to take up any previously entered item
      • Typing Topic: <current topic> to identify agenda items not previously entered
      • (Tip: the command agenda? will list the agenda items entered by agenda+) If there are old agenda items, use "zakim, clear agenda" to clear them.
    • Type the name, initials, or other identifier for the person speaking followed by a colon, and a brief summary of the key point they made. For example shadi: this is correct
    • Don't hesitate to ask for the person's name or for clarification!
    • Record actions by typing ACTION: <person> to <action summary> when the group decides to record an action for someone
    • Record group decisions by typing RESOLUTION: <decision> when the group decides to record a decision
  • At the end of the meeting:
    • Type trackbot, end meeting and zakim, bye into IRC
    • Add the link to the minutes to top of the Meeting Minutes
    • Put your name at the end of the Scribe Rotation List
    • Feel good that you supported the group! Thank you.

More tips and tricks in the W3C Scribe 101 guide.