Conformance Test Process For WCAG 2.0

W3C Working Draft 2005-02-23

Chris Ridpath, ATRC, University Of Toronto
Jenae Andershonis, Microsoft Inc.


This document describes the steps that must be performed so that a test case may be added to the test suite for WCAG2 conformance.

Step 1 - Test Case Is Received

Step 2 - Test Case is complete

Step 3 - Test Case is sent to mailing list for review

Step 4 - Test Case pending approval

Step 5 - Test Cases reviewed on Teleconference

Test Status
1 - unconfirmedreceived and under review for completeness
2 - newtest case is complete
3 - assignedunder review on mailing list
4 - pendingreview complete, waiting for decision on teleconference
5 - acceptedresult of straw poll decision
6 - rejectedresult of straw poll decision
7 - holdingunsure of status, maybe accepted or rejected

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