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Technology-specific Checkpoints


This document refers Checkpoint 1.1 from the 25 January 2001 WCAG 2.0 Working Draft and focuses on HTML. Other checkpoints and technologies were not considered at this time since this is a rough first attempt to aid discussion at the 8 February 2001 WCAG WG telecon.

A previous version of the Technology-specific checkpoint was published 08 November 2000 and included techniques for other technologies such as CSS, SMIL, XHTML and XML.

Several of these checkpoints were derived from techniques in the Techniques For Accessibility Evaluation And Repair Tools (AERT) public working draft. Perhaps if WCAG technology-specifics were written in this much detail it would make life easier not only for author but also for developers of authoring tools (including evaluation and repair tools).


Checkpoint 1.1 Provide a text equivalent for all non-text content.

Provide a valid "alt" attribute for every img element.
A valid "alt" attribute provides a short functional equivalent for an image. A long description may also be necessary (see item 2). A valid "alt" attribute:
Describe an image if the description will add information not given in the text or short equivalent required in #1.
The amount of information contained in the illustration will determine how detailed your description must be. Images that usually require a description are diagrams, charts, and maps. [refer to excerpts from NBA manual on examples and directions for describing images]
Provide a valid "alt" attribute for every input element of type="image".
[provide description similar to #1]
Provide a valid "alt" attribute for every applet element
A valid "alt" attribute:
Describe an applet if the description will add information not given in the text or short equivalent required in #4
[similar to the nesting objects phenomenon]
Provide an HTML equivalent of an applet if the page is unusable without one
(i.e. the applet is interactive and the interaction is required to progress throughout the site or application).
Provide a valid text equivalent within the content of an object element.
[Need to distinguish between images, movies, etc. Also discuss cascade of alternatives. Similar structure as with applets (#4-6)?]
Provide a text transcript of all audio files
[refer to core techniques]
Describe the relationships between frames if the relationships are not apparent from the titles of the pages in the frames
Link to this description using the "longdesc" attribute on each of the frame elements.
Provide a valid "alt" attribute for every area element
A valid "alt" attribute...
Script elements...
aye yi yi.
Use valid HTML to provide a text equivalent and perhaps describe ASCII art
[link to a description?]

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