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G8: Creating an extended audio description for the synchronized media content


Any audio synchronized media technology

This technique relates to:


The objective of this technique is to all additional audio description to be inserted into a synchronized media presentation when there is not enough time in the gaps int the dialog. This is done by simply freezing the image so that additional audio description of the video can be played. When the description is finished, the synchronized media continues.

This technique provides people who are blind or who otherwise would miss information presented visually with additional audio description beyond that which can be provided by standard audio description. Often the gaps in dialog are insufficient to allow enough audio description to be inserted to cover all the important visual information being presented. This technique freezes the synchronized media presentation to allow additional audio description to be played. The synchronized media presentation is then resumed.

Because it disrupts viewing for those who do not need the additional description, techniques that allow you to turn the feature on and off are often provided. Alternately, versions with and without the additional description can be provided.


Example 1

Example 1: A Training film has narrative that runs almost continuously throughout. An alternate version is available for people who have difficulty viewing the video portion. The alternate version freezes the video and provides audio description of key information.


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  1. Play synchronized media with extended audio description enabled

  2. Check to see if synchronized media freezes from time to time to allow audio description to convey important information regarding visual content

Expected Results