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G20: Ensuring that the only way to get to an inaccessible version is from a link from the accessible version


Content where a nonconforming and conforming version are provided as alternatives to each other.

This technique relates to:


The objective of this technique is to ensure that users can always access an accessible version of the content. When content is provided in a format that does not conform to WCAG, the site as a whole can still conform if alternate versions of the inaccessible content are provided. The conformance criterion requires that alternate versions are available "from the nonconforming content or its URI." It is the intent of that wording that it can be sufficient to provide a link to conforming content from the nonconforming content (see Providing a link at the top of the nonconforming content that points to an alternate version that does meet the success criteria for the level claimed).

In order for the link to alternate content to fulfill its intent, the link needs to conform to WCAG requirements, that is, be accessible. In some technologies, even though the content as a whole may not conform, a link can be provided that does conform. In other technologies, however, it is not even possible to provide a link to alternate content within that technology that conforms. Users may be unable to find the alternate content if the only pointer is in an inaccessible technology.

This technique describes how to provide alternate content in such a situation. In this technique, the WCAG conforming version contains a link to the nonconforming version. This way, users access the conforming content, and only access the nonconforming content if they wish, via a link. In order to ensure users do not accidentally get "stuck" in inaccessible content, the nonconforming version is excluded from search engine results, site maps (unless the conforming version is also included), etc.




Where WCAG conforming alternatives are provided for nonconforming content:

  1. Check that there is a link to the nonconforming content from the conforming content.

  2. Check that the nonconforming content does not appear in search engine results, site maps, and the site's regular navigation.

Expected Results