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F82: Failure of SC 3.3.2 by visually formatting a set of phone number fields but not including a text label


Any technology

This failure relates to:


This failure ensures that people with visual or cognitive disabilities will recognize phone number fields and understand what information to provide to fill in the fields. Phone numbers are frequently formatted in fixed, distinctive ways, and authors may feel that just providing visual formatting of the fields will be sufficient to identify them. However, even if all the fields have programmatically determined names, a text label must also identify set of fields as a phone number.

To satisfy Success Criterion 4.1.2, each of the fields of the phone number must have a programmatically determined name. The label may be this name for one or more of the fields. However, even if all the fields have programmatically determined names, a text label must also identify the phone number.


Example 1: Failure example 1

In the United States, phone numbers are broken into a three digit area code, a three digit prefix, and a four digit extension. A web page creates fixed length text input fields for the three parts of the phone number, surrounding the first field with parenthesis and separating the second and third fields with a dash. Because of this formatting, some users recognize the fields as a phone number. However, there is no text label for the phone number on the web page. This is because the label for each field will be the closest preceding text, so the three fields would be labeled "(", ")" , and "-" respectively.



  1. For each set of phone number fields in the web page that represents a single phone number, check whether the web page contains a text label for each field of the phone number.

Expected Results