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F75: Failure of SC 1.2.1 and 1.2.7 by providing synchronized media without captions when the synchronized media presents more information than is presented on the page


Any technology.

This failure relates to:


The objective of this failure is to avoid situations in which synchronized media alternatives provide more information than the text for which they are alternatives, but do not provide their own text alternatives to provide access to the extra information. Synchronized media alternatives provide enhanced access to users for whom synchronized media is a more effective format than text. Since they are alternatives to text, they are do not need themselves to have redundant text alternatives in the form of captions, audio descriptions or full text alternatives. However, if they provide more information than the text for which they are an alternative, then they are more than simply alternatives but are synchronized media content in their own right. In this case they are subject to the full requirements of Success Criterion 1.2.1 to provide captions and to Success Criterion 1.2.2 and 1.2.3.


(none currently listed)



  1. Check for captions on synchronized media alternatives.

  2. Check that the synchronized media alternative does not provide more information than is presented on the page in text.

    Note: Synchronized media alternatives often use different words to present what is on the page but it should not present new information on the topic of the page.

Expected Results