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F16: Failure of SC 2.2.2 due to including scrolling content where movement is not essential to the activity without also including a mechanism to pause and restart the content


All technologies that support visual movement or scrolling.

This failure relates to:


In this failure technique, there is moving or scrolling content that cannot be paused and resumed by users. In this case, some users with low vision or cognitive disabilities will not be able to perceive the content.




On a page with moving or scrolling content,

  1. Check that a mechanism is provided in the Web page or user agent to pause moving or scrolling content.

  2. Use the pause mechanism to pause the moving or scrolling content.

  3. Check that the moving or scrolling has stopped and does not restart by itself.

  4. Check that a mechanism is provided in the Web page or user agent to restart the paused content.

  5. Use the restart mechanism provided to restart the moving content.

  6. Check that the movement or scrolling has resumed from the point where it was stopped.

Expected Results