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Change Log: Evaluation Suite

This page records change requests and changes made to the WAI Resource Suite Evaluating Web Site for Accessibility. Please send additions or corrections to w3c-wai-eo@w3.org.

Last updated $Date: 2004/10/29 14:32:51 $ by $Author: shawn $

Changes from 29 October 2004

  1. break up into different pages covering each evaluatin level. have a single overview page pointing to sub-pagess
  2. add a paragraph about importance of eval testing. and IF appropriate, link to the business case as it fits
  3. ...

Changes from 8 October 2004

  1. fix usability testing part [duplicate from below]
  2. make distinction between "quick review" (now called preliminary review - e.g., for people who just heard about accessibility and want to quickly find out how their site is) versus evaluation early and throughout redesign/development process
  3. perhaps use 3 levels instead of 2. maybe called Quick Review, ???Technical Evaluation, Comprehensive Evaluation. clearly state what each level covers and doesn't. and strong encouragement to do the third level.
  4. consider re-doing formating of numbering, parenthesis, etc.
  5. explore moving the considerations for specific setting section from Selecting... doc on to a separate page and expanding to discuss integrating accessibility expertise into organizations

Change requests from 5 September 2003 EOWG F2F Meeting, in Dublin

  1. [duplicated on 22 Oct 2004] clarify role of section on testing usability of accessibility features
  2. [further discussion on 8 Oct 2004] consider changing from two sections to three: instead of preliminary and conformance, do preliminary, conformance, and comprehensive, and take usability testing of accessibility features out of conformance section and put it in comprehensive section
  3. [CLOSED, refined in 22 Oct 2004 section (decided not need whole section)] consider adding a mini-business case to support the need for evaluation of Web site accessibility
  4. [shadi to do with this version] add a section explaining how to evaluate sites that have multiple versions, e.g., text-only and flash
  5. [HOLD off to see what WCAG 2.0 and other groups do] add an evaluation checklist
  6. [HOLD off until EARL wrapper available, then re-evaluate] add a section explaining how to use EARL Wrapper (once available)
  7. [HOLD off to see if something to point to in 2005, and probably include idea as part of WCAG 2.0 educational effort] add a section explaining how to evaluate non-W3C technologies for accessibility, or where to go for information
  8. increase emphasis on, and provide better guidance for, using evaluation tools
  9. clarify that the documentation of evaluation should also be accessible
  10. [coordinate with WCAG WG on timing for this] provide guidance on transition to different testing methods for WCAG 2.0
  11. [coordinate with WCAG WG on timing for this] synchronize with WCAG 2.0 testing criteria once those are available, and re-update evaluation resource suite at that time

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