BAD-TF: Implementing WAI-AGE Requirements

This is an outdated draft. The latest version is available at

User Requirements Already implemented in demo page Should be implemented in demo page
Use 12-14pt text size No No
Use relative units for text and layout Yes -
Provide text size adjustment link No No
Use a sans serif font No Yes (throughout in demo)
Avoid bold body-text (except for emphasis) No Yes (Terms & Conditions)
Avoid underlined text (do use for links) No Yes (Terms & Conditions)
Avoid text in all capitals (use proper case) No Yes (Terms & Conditions)
Left justified text (with L2R scripts) No Yes (Terms & Conditions)
Use increased line spacing No Yes (throughout in demo)
Provide sufficient (high) contrast Yes -
Avoid blues and greens No No
Avoid fluorescent colours No No
Use dark text on light background No
Avoid patterned backgrounds No No
Use HTML rather than images or multimedia for text-based information Yes -
Provide 'white space' page margins No Yes (general usage of whitespace)
Avoid horizontal scrolling Yes Yes
Do not indicate required form fields with just just an asterisk - use text Yes -
Ensure links are blue and underlined No No
Ensure links change colour after visit No No
Ensure links are visibly different when they have focus Yes -
Combine images and links with the same destination Part Yes
Present links as lists No No
Clearly separate links No Yes
Links should be large in size (clickable area) No Yes (left navigation)
Provide a text equivalent for images Yes -
Provide captions and/or transcripts for video and animations not applicable -
Don't use colour alone to portray information Yes -
Use style sheets for presentation and layout Yes -
Provide a linear alternative to pages using table layout not applicable -
Provide Previous/Next page links (where appropriate) not applicable - (we use it for the demo)
Make search results visible in normal view-port not applicable -
Make sure the user notices small page changes/updates not applicable -
Avoid moving (and scrolling) text No -
Use static menus (not fly-out / pull-down) No No
Provide clean pages; avoid clutter; avoid irrelevant material to the main content No Yes (right teasers on form page)
Don't disable the "back" button No No
Provide "breadcrumbs" No No
Provide true home page link on all pages of site Yes -
Ensure the "search" function covers whole site not applicable -
Ensure the "search" function is labeled not applicable -
Avoid blinking content No Wishlist
Avoid animations (unless requested) No Wishlist
Do not automatically refresh pages No Wishlist (updating content?)
Use device-independent event handlers Yes -
Ensure logical tabbing order Yes -
Provide clear links Yes -
Provide a site-map not applicable -
Provide a navigation menu Yes -
If pop-up windows used, then the full message is displayed not applicable -
Don't break the browsers history functionality ("back" button) No No
Undertake user testing -
Avoid pop-ups or new windows No Wishlist (warning instead of avoid)
Provide Help &/or FAQ's for the site No No
Provide instructions for form completion Yes -
Provide clear error messages for forms No Yes
Accommodate misspellings, hyphens and common variations within forms No Wishlist (date)
Provide clear/consistent branding on all pages No No
Provide an "About us" and/or "Contacts" page not applicable -
Ensure search function is tolerant of misspellings not applicable -
Use an active voice for writing Part No
Use short sentences and paragraphs Part Part (Terms & Conditions, Recheck)
Provide consistent navigation No No
Write clearly with important information at the start Part No
Include a glossary (especially for technical terms) No No
Only use icons and graphics that are relevant to the topic or that aid comprehension and understanding Part No
Ensure search query is repeated on search results page not applicable -
Group like information No No
Use valid code Yes -
Use short pages Part No
Avoid making users download documents (provide material as HTML where appropriate) not applicable Wishlist
Pages should function without scripting support Yes -
Consider page download speed - create 'small' pages Part No
Do not require "double clicks" not applicable -