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EOWG Minutes, April 6, 2001


Agenda References

Links to Carlos Velasco's updated draft is at:


and his message about that draft is at:


William Loughborough's draft appendix:
Appendix E: Cost Considerations for Business Case is at:


Also on the agenda are the [undiscussed] drafts by Jean-Marie D'Amour.

EOWG Business

JB: I added all email addresses for EO group that she knows about so that the system will recognize messages which are not from the usual addresses - if you send a message from an address that you are not sure the list recognizes, go to the archives and check to see if it has shown up on the archives list. If you have an extra address that you sometimes post from, send it to Judy.

Outreach updates:

Harvey: User agent document - last call document will be going out next week.

Judy: there are some outreach updates on the list.

Gretchen: I sent a note about a case study.

Charles: he will be participating in the "Australian Online Documentation Conference" in Canberra.

William asked about MIT putting course material on the Web - all materials for all courses over the next 10 years. Judy said people have been asking her about making these materials accessible and whether the WAI will be talking to MIT about making them accessible. Judy has started a dialog with MIT about making the course materials accessible.

Mark announced that next week there will be a large meeting broadcast over educational TV in South Carolina. He and Cindy Hollock (?) will be speaking about accessibility. Cindy is from WebAIM. Someone asked whether there is conflict with the WAI guidelines since WebAIM doesn't recommend following the WAI guidelines. South Carolina wants to evaluate various approaches after hearing from Mark - they want to hear from various agency heads and webmasters about various approaches to making the web accessible.

Judy asked Eric about follow up from the Dremples Weg! event in Utrecht. Web designers created a web site as a result of Drempels Weg! Web designer schools also want to learn about web accessibility so that they can teach it. ISOC asked them to work on a white paper for politicians about web accessibility and include a section on accessibility.

Judy asked which EOWG members are also members of the ISOC committee - Mark, Andrew, and Cynthia Waddell are members of both. Neither Mark nor Andrew was aware of a white paper on web accessibility coming out of that group. Judy knows that Vint Cerf (?) in ISOC is very supportive of WAI - she hopes WAI material will be a useful resource for policy makers.

Hank: The Dutch W3C Office (at CWI) has a memo of understanding (MOU) with ISOC. They are arranging courses on XML together. Ivan Herman is involved in this. Judy asked for more information - she wants to be sure there is clear communication. [JB clarification later: this MOU is between W3C-NL and ISOC-NL.]

Henk or Eric: already mentioned ISO - asked about adding accessibility to the extended ISO 9126 "quality of software products."

Judy: Re standards coordination - the W3C has had problems a few times in the past with other organizations adopting W3C standards and changing them (for example, leaving out the accessibility parts). Judy recently commented on the HFES 200.2. She suggested some references to WAI materials. The W3C usually doesn't pursue its standards being adopted by other standards organizations - the W3C is considered by many organizations in the Web industry authoritative in its own right. But W3C does need to pay careful attention to cross-referencing of WAI specifications.

Judy has met with Marcia Rockwood of IMS Global Learning Consortium. They have a group for accessibility of Web-based courseware, with some members overlapping WAI groups.

Judy will bring up Henk's question about how much W3C wants to work with ISO - Hank will send us all something about the ISO.

IMS Global is working with Andrew in Australia - Neil McClain, who heads IMS Autralia, wants information about accessibility in on-line banking. Judy noted that there seems to be a fresh round of litigation threats coming from Australia, including some on U.S. companies.

Carlos: regarding translations, an organization in Spain translated some WAI materials including WCAG 1.0 and published them; some concerns about coordination. [JB and CV will follow up.]

[end of Lila Laux scribing]

[section to be inserted from Mark Urban]

Appendix E: Cost Considerations for Business Case

WL: Draft submission, with expected collaboration with Jean-Marie D'Amour:

URL: http://diap.net/bizcost.htm

[start of Harvey Bingham scribing]

JB: Introduction seems clear.

5.1 Technical Procedures

JB: Recommend a combination of tools. Assume an EOWG link to a page describing the means to do a review possibly using several tools.

JB: A "roll-forward provision" needs explanation .

HB: Question on requirement for CSS2: I believe that is too strong. Audio CSS of CSS2 is not wildely implemented. Also, forthcoming XSL style.

JB: Move the roll-forward item into the first bullet. "Until roll forward use CSS2."

Accessibility Implementation Strategy

CL: deja vu We talk here about implementation. Also elsewhere.

JB: Restatement of cost issues above.

CL: These costs apply to the implementation strategy. These are covered elsewhere.

WL: Now we have separate implementation strategy. Refer to it.

CL: Need different title "Accessibility Implementatipn Strategy".

JB: Remove the seven bullets.

CL: This is appendix to implementation strategy.

WL: ACTION: Remove Accessibility Implementation Strategy subsection, promote next subhead to h2:

Considerations for cost and benefit

CL: Putting more of the concepts under new subheadings helps.

JB: Add phrases, such as for:
Accessibility Assessment (see sample at...)

[Following are quick illustrative samples inserted from subsequent email from JB:]

end insertion.]

JB: Training (Consider several levels: management briefing, general awareness, technical in-depth.)

WL: Short term costs: could be start-up costs, initiation costs. Replace by start-up costs.

JB: Subject Matter expert time (External Consultants needed?)

JB: ?assistive technologies? needs explanation

JB: Need explanations for most everything.

WL: Link to How People with Disabilities Use the Web.

JB: If we link to it, in assistive technologies, people may fear the need for excessive material. Once we have WAI recommendations on how to test, that will help.

WL: If we link to it, that page will tend to grow.

JB: Have some of this in the HPWDUW.

HB: Would like links wherever well covered, that can be around the brief perspective amplified here.

CL: Concern: link to specific EOWG documents where exist, if not describe here (and recognize this ommission as topic needing coverage elsewhere.)

JB: Volunteers?

JM: (Jean Lafite?)

WL: Concern the "Changed Transfer rate costs" explained would be verbose, hiding the intent of the document.

JB: Plan to finish this page, using links where appropriate, add some with details. Is that OK?


CL: Also.

WL: Read Kevin Carey's document on demographics of disabilities. NOTES ON THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF DISABILITY AND THE WWW

JB: Need comments on Kevin's document.

JB: I'm encouraged by the pieces we've looked at today. We've done some seemingly impossible documents. Lets keep it up!

Next Meeting

JB: Cancel meeting next week (Good Friday). Next Meeting is April 20.

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