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ARIA Face to Face Meeting 30 April - 2 May 2019

The Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) Working Group will meet in San Francisco, California from 30 April to 2 May 2019.


The meeting is hosted by Level Access.

Remote Participation

Remote participation is available via WebEx.


Please register for the meeting by 15 April 2019.


Level Access 114 Sansome Street, Suite 950 San Francisco, CA 94104 USA


Due to the small size of the group, we did not set up a hotel reservation block. A few hotels near the meeting location include:

The Orchard Garden Hotel 466 Bush Street San Francisco, California 94108 Tel: 844-332-5240

Hotel Triton 342 Grant Avenue San Francisco, CA +1 (415) 394-0500


San Francisco Airport and Airport are nearby. The Montgomery BART station is a couple blocks away, and the San Francisco Caltrain station is 1.5 miles away.

Candidate Agenda Topics

Please suggest new topics by adding the F2FCandidate label

  • Role Parity Part one (JN)
  1. Consider prohibiting author naming certain roles #833
  2. Text Separation Attribute
  3. Generic Role
  • NameFrom ChildNode?? (JG?)
  • ComboBox 1.1 pattern issues - how to resolve? (MK/BG)
  • AccName simplification and also whitespace issues (BG)
  • Role Parity Part two (attributes for role parity) (JD)
  1. Attributes for all the rest of the generic roles
  2. New Attributes for Partial Parity roles
  • Role Parity Part three (assigned in github)
  1. Review and Merge the rest of the PRs for Specific Role
  • Role Parity Part four (issues in github - please review)
  1. Discuss the thorny issues of no parity roles
  2. Need to sanity check roles which support aria-expanded (Issue #681)
  • Does the math role, as written, make sense? (Issue #940) (JD)

April 30 - Agenda


May 1 - Agenda


May 2 - Agenda