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Face-to-face Meetings of W3C WAI/IPO Working and Interest Groups

Saturday 18 April 1998
WWW7, Brisbane, Australia

Daniel Dardailler, WAI Project Manager(danield@w3.org)
Judy Brewer, WAI/IPO Director (jbrewer@w3.org)
Susan Hardy, W3C Meeting Planner (susan@w3.org)


Attendance is opened to anyone interested in the WAI. People must be familiar with the Initiative, this is not a tutorial about the WAI but a series of face-to-face meetings of the Authoring Guidelines, and Interest Group of the WAI, so that we make progress on these activities.

Registration required
Due by: Tuesday, March, 24, 1998, 17:00 EDT


The venue is the same as the WWW7 conference:
Brisbane, Australia


Saturday, April, 18, 1998
10:00 - 12:30  Daniel Dardailler, WAI Project Manager, W3C 
Round-table presentation 
Judy Brewer, W3C/WAI/IPO Director 
Interest Group discussion. 
Updates from the working groups 
  • Technical groups (PF, GL, UI) by Daniel Dardailler 
  • AU (Authoring Tools Guidelines) by Jutta Trevinarus 
  • RC (Rating&Certification) Daniel Dardailler 

Minutes available, with some pictures (meeting picture1, meeting picture2)
14:00 - 17:30  Jutta Treviranus, Chair 
Authoring tools guidelines working group session 
17:30  Next steps. 

Preparation: Drafts for Review

The goal of this meeting is to have face-to-face meetings of the Interest Group and the Authoring Tools Working group of the WAI, so that we make progress on all these activities.  Each group has a further detailed agenda of what they want to achieve at these meetings, so check their home page for details.

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