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Face-to-face Meetings of the W3C WAI Working and Interest Groups

Saturday-Sunday 21-22 March 1998
LA Airport Marriott 
Los Angeles, California, USA

Updated April 8th 1998 with pointers to new minutes received

Daniel Dardailler, WAI Project Manager(danield@w3.org)
Judy Brewer, WAI/IPO Director (jbrewer@w3.org)
Susan Hardy, W3C Meeting Planner (susan@w3.org)


Attendance is opened to anyone interested in the WAI. People must be familiar with the Initiative, this is not a tutorial about the WAI but a series of face-to-face meetings of the Protocol&Formats, Page Author Guidelines, Educational and Interest Group of the WAI, so that we make progress on all these activities.

Only members of the PF working group (including invited experts) can participate in PF the face-to-face meetings. The chair may allow additional participants for liason purposes (contact Al Gilman)

Registration Required
Deadline: Tuesday, February, 24, 1998, 17:00 EDT
Registration Closed. Please direct any questions regarding meeting participation to Judy Brewer at jbrewer@w3.org. Please note that only registered participants may attend.

This attendee list (47 persons so far) serves as confirmation.


The venue is the same as the CSUN conference:
LA Airport Marriott - Los Angeles, California, USA


Saturday, March, 21, 1998
14:00 - 15:30  Daniel Dardailler, WAI Project Manager, W3C 
Round-table presentation 
Judy Brewer, W3C/WAI/IPO Director 
Interest Group discussion. 
Updates from the working groups 
  • PF (Protocols & Formats) by Al Gilman 
  • GL (Markup Guidelines) by Gregg Vanderheiden and Chuck Letourneau 
  • UI (Browser Guidelines) by Jon Gunderson 
  • AU (Authoring Tools Guidelines) by Jutta Trevinarus 
  • RC (Rating&Certification) Len Kasday 

Greg Rosmeita IG notes' available
16:00 - 18:00  Educational & Awareness Interest Group (in formation). 
  in parallel with 
Protocols & Formats Working Group  (closed to WG participants, need PF chair permission to attend)
PF Minutes available
Sunday, March, 22, 1998
09:00 - 12:30  Chuck Letourneau, Chair Markup Guidelines 
Gregg Vanderheiden, Co-chair 
Markup guidelines working group session 
Greg Rosmeita GL notes' available
Chuck's notes available
12:30 - 13:30  Lunch 
14:00 - 17:30  Jon Gunderson, Chair 
Browser guidelines working group session 
Jon's UA Minutes available
Greg Rosmeita UA notes' available
17:30  Next steps. 
Greg Rosmeita Next Step notes' available

Preparation: Drafts for Review

The goal of this meeting is to have face-to-face meetings of the Protocols&Formats, Page Authoring Guidelines, Educational and Interest Group of the WAI, so that we make progress on all these activities.  Each group has a further detailed agenda of what they want to achieve at these meetings, so check their home page for details.

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