Finding our way

Given the mass of information available on the web, an obvious question is how not to get lost. Individual browsers have different tools to aid navigation, but the structure of the web has features to make it more organised.

Home Page

A "home" page is a hypertext document which is a starting point for a user. Users with hypertext editors make their own home pages. Other users use home pages provided for anyone in their organisation. An example is the CERN home page .

Notice that there are links to things of particular local interest, as well as links to broader areas. This customisation of starting point provides a tailored "view" of the web to make it easier for particular users.

The Virtual Library

Another way of locating information is to browse by subject. A starting point for this is the WWW virtual library , an amateur collection of resources to demonstrate what could be done if librarians were to get involved and do it properly. We are looking for people to take on the update of different subject areas.

Catalogue by server type

If you know what you are looking for, that is, you know what sort of a server it is on, then there are lists and indexes to help you, in the catalogue by server type . This includes things such as the Warchie index of FTP archives, the Veronica Gopher index, the WAIS master index, etc. A similar index of W3 document is being developed.

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Tim BL