Technology for the Web Marketplace

Daniel W. Connolly
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The First International Conference on Electronic Commerce
University of Texas at Austin, Austin -- October 30-31 1995

(speaker's notes)

Technology for the Web Marketplace

Proven Value of the Core Technology

There are few novel technologies in the World-Wide Web. It is simply an effective application of ideas that have been tested and proven:

The result: The web is now a vital, global information system, and an exploding marketplace.

Market Demands

How Do We Increase the Quality of Service and Security, increase Performance, and foster Knowledge Sharing?

Stabilizing Forces in the Explosive Internet Market

Maintaining Confidence in the Technology

W3C Background

W3C - Realizing the Full Potential of the Web

See: The World Wide Web Consortium at

W3C Role in Electronic Commerce

W3C Electronic Commerce Activities

See: W3C Consortium Activity List in


See: W3C Security Resources at


See: W3C Payments Resources at

PICS: Platform for Internet Content Selection

See: W3C Content Selection: PICS at

Distributed Objects and Applications

See: Mobile Code at and
Object Oriented RPC at

Demographics and Identity

See: Demographic feedback: Overview of Resources at

HTML Evolution

See: HTML Working and Background Materials at