DRM and the Web


Rigo Wenning

ODRL Workshop
Vienna, 22-23 April 2004

Rigo Wenning <rigo@w3.org>
Sophia Antipolis, France



Real issues

The war is still going on

DRM and the war


Missing Semantics?

Example for NOT

Try to encode this simple sentence in ODRL:

ODRL says:

Conclusion o(n/r) NOT:

Interoperability and Integration

Other Languages

Treat with both sides of the war:

This has be explored but can not be considered done

Integration with the Web

ID Issues

DRM and Privacy

ODRL and Privacy

DRM and Web Services

ODRL and Web Services

DRM and P2P

ODRL and P2P

DRM and Exceptions

ODRL and Exceptions

Merci bien