RDF: The Resource Description Framework


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Table of Contents

RDF: The Resource Description Framework

Background: Web metadata 97

<META> example

Issues with <meta>

PICS example

PICS Advances

PICS Issues

Introducing: RDF

RDF Components

RDF Data Model

RDF Data Model

RDF Model Primitives

RDF Model Example

Structured Value

RDF Syntax

Basic Example

Basic RDF Example - 1

Basic RDF Example - 2

Structured Value Example

Structured Value Example - 1

Structured Value Example - 2

Abbreviations: 1

Abbreviations: 2


Property Reification

Meta-description Example - 1

Meta-description Example - 2

Meta-description Example - 3

More Abbreviations

More Abbreviations

More Abbreviations

Abbreviations: 2

Transporting RDF chunks

RDF Schemas

RDF Schema Example

RDF Schema Type System

Constraint Properties

Constraint Values


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