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Note: The TVWeb Interest Group was closed in April 2002. This page is no longer maintained.

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Philipp Hoschka (ph@w3.org), Chair
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Mission (excerpt from Charter)


This Interest Group has three missions:

  1. It serves as a pool of experts on TV/Web integration, some of which will participate in the W3C working groups relevant to TV/Web integration.
  2. It serves as a coordination body with the TV-specific regional standardization groups working on TV/Web integration.
  3. It will prepare and review documents related to TV/Web integration.
    These documents should be produced quickly (typically within two months). Their purpose is mainly to point out specific requirements in the area of TV/Web integration, and to give rough ideas on how these requirements can be resolved.
    It is not the main purpose of this Interest Group (or any W3C Interest Group, for that matter) to produce specifications. Production of specifications and W3C recommendations is reserved to W3C working groups (see definition of interest group in W3C process).

Note that this interest group is open to non-W3C members.

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