Index of Elements 

Legend: Required / Optional / Forbidden, Yes / No
NameStart TagEnd TagEmptyDescription
A RRNanchor
ACRONYM RRNacronym (e.g., WWW, HTTP, etc.)
ADDRESS RRNinformation on author
APPLET RRNJava applet
AREA RFYclient-side image map area
B RRNbold text style
BASE RFYdocument base URL
BASEFONT RFYbase font size
BDO RRNI18N BiDi over-ride
BIG RRNlarge text style
BLOCKQUOTE RRNlong quotation
BODY OONdocument body
BR RFYforced line break
BUTTON RRNpush button
CAPTION RRNtable caption
CENTER RRNshorthand for DIV with align=center
CITE RRNcitation
CODE RRNcomputer code fragment
COL RFYtable column
COLGROUP RONtable column group
DD RONdefinition description
DEL RRNdeleted text
DFN RRNinstance definition
DIR RRNdirectory list
DIV RRNgeneric language/style container
DL RRNdefinition list
DT RONdefinition term
EM RRNemphasis
FIELDSET RRNform control group
FONT RRNlocal change to font
FORM RRNinteractive form
FRAME RFYsubwindow
FRAMESET RRNwindow subdivision
H1 RRNheading
H2 RRNheading
H3 RRNheading
H4 RRNheading
H5 RRNheading
H6 RRNheading
HEAD OONdocument head
HR RFYhorizontal rule
HTML OONdocument root element
I RRNitalic text style
IFRAME RRNinline subwindow
IMG RFYEmbedded image
INPUT RFYform control
INS RRNinserted text
ISINDEX RFYsingle line prompt
KBD RRNtext to be entered by the user
LABEL RRNform field label text
LEGEND RRNfieldset legend
LI RONlist item
LINK RFYa media-independent link
MAP RRNclient-side image map
MENU RRNmenu list
META RFYgeneric metainformation
NOFRAMES RRNalternate content container for non frame-based rendering
NOSCRIPT RRNalternate content container for non script-based rendering
OBJECT RRNgeneric embedded object
OL RRNordered list
OPTION RONselectable choice
P RONparagraph
PARAM RFYnamed property value
PRE RRNpreformatted text
Q RRNshort inline quotation
S RRNsstrike-through text style
SAMP RRNsample program output, scripts, etc.
SCRIPT RRNscript statements
SELECT RRNoption selector
SMALL RRNsmall text style
SPAN RRNgeneric language/style container
STRIKE RRNstrike-through text
STRONG RRNstrong emphasis
STYLE RRNstyle info
SUB RRNsubscript
SUP RRNsuperscript
TBODY OONtable body
TD RONtable data cell
TEXTAREA RRNmulti-line text field
TFOOT RONtable footer
TH RONtable header cell
THEAD RONtable header
TITLE RRNdocument title
TR RONtable row
TT RRNteletype or monospaced text style
U RRNunderlined text style
UL RRNunordered list
VAR RRNinstance of a variable or program argument