W3C Technical Reports

This form is deprecated. As of the July 2003 W3C Process Document, this form is no required for group participants.

W3C Technical Reports and Specifications: Release Form

Contributions, documents, specifications, and the like will not be incorporated into the W3C technical specifications unless accompanied by the following statement:

MIT, INRIA, Keio are hereby permitted to distribute my contribution to

as part of its W3C technical specifications, and to distribute any implementations of those specifications, at no cost to MIT, INRIA, Keio or its users under the standard W3C royalty-free license.

I the undersigned represent that I either own or have the authority to grant these rights.

Name		___________________________________

Title		___________________________________

Signature	___________________________________

Date		___________________________________

Print the statement, sign and send by postal mail to the following address:

	Susan Westhaver
	World Wide Web Consortium
        200 Technology Square NE43-356A
	Cambridge, MA 02139

$Date: 2003/06/19 16:12:17 $

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