Appendix L: Changes from SVG 1.1

This appendix is informative, not normative.

This appendix summarizes the changes that have been made since the SVG 1.1 Second Edition Recommendation.

L.1. Editorial changes

A number of stylistic changes have been made to the specification to make it more readable. These include the following:

L.2. Substantial changes

In additional to the editorial changes listed above, the following substantial additions, changes and removals have been made.

L.2.1. Across the whole document

L.2.2. Concepts

L.2.3. Rendering Model chapter

L.2.4. Basic Data Types and Interfaces chapter

L.2.5. Document Structure chapter

L.2.6. Styling chapter

L.2.7. Conformance chapter

L.2.8. Geometry Properties chapter

L.2.9. Coordinate Systems, Transformations and Units chapter

L.2.10. Paths chapter

L.2.11. Basic Shapes chapter

L.2.12. Text chapter

L.2.13. Embedded Content chapter

L.2.14. Painting chapter

L.2.15. Color chapter

L.2.16. Paint Servers chapter

L.2.17. Clipping, Masking and Compositing chapter

L.2.18. Filter Effects chapter

L.2.19. Interactivity chapter

L.2.20. Linking chapter

L.2.21. Scripting chapter

L.2.22. Animation chapter

L.2.23. Fonts chapter

L.2.24. Extensibility chapter

L.2.25. Document Type Definition appendix

L.2.26. SVG Document Object Model (DOM) appendix

L.2.27. Java Language Binding appendix

L.2.28. ECMAScript Language Binding appendix

L.2.29. References appendix

L.2.30. IDL Index appendix

L.2.31. Feature Strings