HTML: The Markup Language Reference

7. Common content models # T

This section describes content models that are referenced by a number of different element descriptions in the Content model subsections of the per-element documentation in the HTML elements section.

7.1. Flow elements # T

phrasing elements or a or p or hr or pre or ul or ol or dl or div or h1 or h2 or h3 or h4 or h5 or h6 or hgroup or address or blockquote or ins or del or object or map or noscript or section or nav or article or aside or header or footer or video or audio or figure or table or form or fieldset or menu or canvas or details

7.2. Metadata elements # T

7.3. Phrasing elements # T

a or em or strong or small or mark or abbr or dfn or i or b or code or var or samp or kbd or sup or sub or q or cite or span or bdo or br or wbr or ins or del or img or embed or object or iframe or map or area or script or noscript or ruby or video or audio or input or textarea or select or button or label or output or datalist or keygen or progress or command or canvas or time or meter