SVG 1.1 (Second Edition) – 22 June 2010

Appendix Q: Changes


This appendix is informative, not normative.

This appendix summarizes the changes from SVG 1.1 First Edition.

Q.1 Stylistic changes

A number of stylistic changes have been made to the specification to make it more readable. These include the following:

Q.2 Incorporation of errata

All of the SVG 1.1 proposed errata available at have been incorporated into the Second Edition. While some of these errata have not been incorporated verbatim due to various stylistic changes that have been made in the Second Edition, the underlying issues that resulted in these errata have still been fixed. For example, the "Incorrect entries in the attribute index" erratum specifies corrections to the Attribute Index appendix. However, the Second Edition presents the attribute index somewhat differently from the First Edition, so while the exact erratum changes have not been applied, the attribute index in the Second Edition is indeed free of the errors that were addressed by the erratum.

Q.3 Substantial changes

In addition to many minor typographical corrections and the stylistic changes mentioned above, the following substantial changes were made.

Q.3.1 Across the whole document

Q.3.2 Introduction chapter

Q.3.3 Basic Data Types and Interfaces chapter

Q.3.4 Document Structure chapter

Q.3.5 Styling chapter

Q.3.6 Coordinate Systems, Transformations and Units chapter

Q.3.7 Paths chapter

Q.3.8 Basic Shapes chapter

Q.3.9 Text chapter

Q.3.10 Painting chapter

Q.3.11 Gradients and Patterns chapter

Q.3.12 Clipping, Masking and Compositing chapter

Q.3.13 Filters chapter

Q.3.14 Interactivity chapter

Q.3.15 Scripting chapter

Q.3.16 Animation chapter

Q.3.17 Fonts chapter

Q.3.18 SVG Document Object Model (DOM) appendix

Q.3.19 IDL Definitions appendix

Q.3.20 Java Language Binding appendix

Q.3.21 ECMAScript Language Binding appendix

Q.3.22 Conformance Criteria

Q.3.23 References appendix

SVG 1.1 (Second Edition) – 22 June 2010