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H46: Using noembed with embed


Documents that load plugins with the embed element.

This technique relates to:

User Agent and Assistive Technology Support Notes

Note: Although embed is widely supported in user agents - it is not a valid part of HTML or XHTML.


The objective of this technique is to provide alternative content for the embed element in a noembed element. The noembed is rendered only if the embed is not supported. While it can be positioned anywhere on the page, it is a good idea to include it as a child element of embed so that it is clear to assistive technologies that a text alternative is associated with the embed element it describes.


Example 1: noembed is provided inside an embed

Example Code:

<embed src="../movies/"
  height="60" width="144" autostart="false">
    <a href="../transcripts/transcript_history_rome.htm">Transcript of "The history of Rome"</a>

Example 2: noembed is provided beside an embed

Example Code:

<embed src="moviename.swf" width="100" height="80"
  pluginspage="" />
  <img alt="Still from Movie" src="moviename.gif" 
    width="100" height="80" />


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  1. Check if embed element has a child noembed element

  2. Check if embed element has a noembed element that immediately follows it.

Expected Results