Techniques for WCAG 2.0

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G148: Not specifying background color, not specifying text color, and not using technology features that change those defaults


Any technology where text and background color are specified separately and browsers can control default colors.

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The objective of this technique is to make sure that users can read text that is presented over a background. With this technique the author avoids having to do any contrast measures by simply not specifying the text color and not specifying the background. As a result the colors of both are completely determined by the user agent.


Example 1

Example 1: Author specifies neither text color nor background. They also do not use CSS. As a result the user can set his browser defaults to provide the colors and contrasts that work well for them.


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  1. Look in all places that text color can be specified

  2. Check that text color is not specified

  3. Look in all areas that background color or image used as a background can be specified

  4. Check that no background color or image used as a background is specified

Expected Results